5 initial ways you can be a better ally to people of color

5 initial ways you can be a better ally
JAN 10, 2016
Communities of color continue to fight every day against racism, and heal from the effects it has had on their lives. Great allies can support them, however, and help dismantle the ways in which our institutions and culture are deeply rooted in oppression.

In the traditional sense, allies are partners with equal resources who choose to work in tandem for mutual benefit. But when it comes to racial justice, this definition cannot stand — communities of color do not have equal resources, and white allies will not gain the same benefits.

While the decision to use your privilege for good is the right thing to do, it’s simply not enough. Here are five ways you can be useful and effective as an ally, rather than just wearing the title.





Assessment Tools

Appropriation & Aggression

White Privilege

White Supremacy

Slave Owners Are in Your Pocket

Public Displays

Performance Art


Freedom and Justice Crier

Activist Resources

Dear White People

Being Allies

James, Rachel, Dragon


Three Candles

Spiritual Foundations