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The Healing Racism Toolkit was created by Rachel Carey-Harper through the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends’ Committee of Racial, Social and Economic Justice in 2009 with James Varner, an African American member acting as mentor and collaborator, a role he continues to fill. In 2017 New England Yearly Meeting redesigned their website which could no longer accommodate the Toolkit. Working in collaboration with Jonathan Vogel-Borne and others, Rachel reimagined the concept under the URL of https://tools4racialjustice.net (Tools For Racial Justice). This website is a form of art that not only is about learning, beauty and healing but also about showing, inviting primarily people of European decent into a process of understanding, creativity, growth, and connection.

The Toolkit fundamentally is a form of ministry that is realized, actualized in the world though creative, artistic expression that teaches about social justice. See the Minute of Support from Rachel’s Friends (Quaker) Meetings (Mattapoisett Friends Meeting and Barnstable Friends Meeting (Preparative.)

This work is designed to make clear that human beings are both complicated and contradictory, perhaps never more so then in the fight for racial justice. While we would like to be able to categorize people into victims and villains, crusaders and crustaceans, it is almost never so cut and dry. Reality is that we are all both fabulous and flawed.

Ultimately it is the ability to be ever present and lean into pure, potent, unambiguous, unconditional Love, and be in real relationship (beloved community) where the hope for humanity’s future resides.

“I have enjoyed working with Rachel Carey-Harper for many years and feel our efforts shed light on the effects of racism and find her to be a woman of love and integrity … She is loved and appreciated by [my tribe] because she comes in truth.” —Mother Bear, Wampanoag Bear Clan Mother (2018)
“God brought us together for a reason, we have GOD’s work to do together in this troubled world! We are also together to support each other, thank GOD!” — James Varner, Maine Human Rights Coalition
“I thank you with a DEEP LOVE for your loving witness. I appreciate your Ministry.” “Thank you for your energy and high spirit. I APPRECIATE YOUR DEDICATION.”
— Greg Williams, Rail of Justice





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Slave Owners Are in Your Pocket

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