Welcome! — The Healing Racism Toolkit has been put together to be informative, beautiful, interactive, and useful to white folks as we explore and positively address issues of race and racism within ourselves and society. This toolkit is an extensive library of resources primarily for white people to understand, and work to heal racism within ourselves and the society we created. In North America, racism is a chronic, spiritual disease. It is not genetic but born out of a false sense of racial entitlement, arrogance, egotism and superiority. It alienates us from the roots of our being and prevents the building of healthy community.

People of color are encouraged to look through this toolkit to provide feedback, analysis, insight, constructive criticism or anything else they feel like saying. Beyond guilt, shame, blame, denial, and resistance, the Toolkit endeavors to be helpful in examining how white people can take responsibility for challenging specific forms of privilege, supremacist attitudes and prejudice.

The idea is that this is a growing, living, dynamic Project with things being added or changed on a regular basis so check back often. In particular, resources are updated regularly. Our hope is that all walk away with improved skills in talking about race and race privilege and its consequences.

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A Letter [about this Healing Racism Toolkit] from a Victim of Discrimination Who Loves His Fellow Man and Woman

This kit was put together with love and a concern for victims who have been hurt badly by all the forms that racial discrimination may take. This kit can help us look at these acts of “man’s inhumanity to man”. And if we discriminate against another person in any way the kit can help us realize we must treat all human beings the same way we want to be treated, as well as the way we want our loved ones treated.

This kit will also give those who know that all forms of discrimination against others are wrong, a chance to work actively toward the elimination of all forms of discrimination against others. It will help you not just look at the problems that exist in our communities but can be a way to correct the problem in our homes.

As a black man, it gives me hope to know that white people are working to eliminate their own sick racist beliefs and actions. This kit will also help to reduce and eliminate other forms of discriminations.

“Keeping the dream alive”

James Varner


While you might want to pursue this work on your own, at times it could be helpful to form a group or simply find a buddy who have some interest in the topic.   Anti-racism work can be very lonely. If you have or plan to put together a group click here for useful ground rules and procedures. As you will see, there are 4 main sections: Beginnings, Understanding, Acting and Becoming. Within each section there are separate pages with different materials in each.  Although you might want to start with the 1st page in “Beginnings” (Definitions) and work your way through each set, no particular order is required.  For example, you can choose to do one activity in  “Acting” then jump to look at something in “Understanding” and then back again to “Acting”. The “More Resources” section at the bottom of the front page is full of various links. It  is updated regularly with new material added often.

The site map, with the link in the footer on all pages and posts,  functions as a table of contents. There you will also see a listing of tags. If there is a specific area you’re interested in, click on the tag and it will show you all the posts related to that subject.  (Note: site is still in development and some might be missing.) Of course you can also use the search box in the upper right corner (click on the magnifying glass).  If you wish to keep track of your progress, you can print  out the site map and check off when that activity is completed or resource utilized.

There should be no charge or money exchanged for the use of these materials. FYI, the “support the work” section takes you to the “Building Coalitions” which list a variety of organizations you might consider supporting.

Please note, this is an ongoing project and we value your feedback.  Suggestions are essential and they will be used to revise the Toolkit.  For this purpose there is an evaluation form, also at the very bottom of the front page and all pages and posts. It is simply a guide; feel free to share information however/whatever makes sense. There is also a “contact us” button you can use.

It is expected that discussions will happen, both formal and informal while using this kit.  Please let us know how they go and the major points that are generated on the evaluation form. Your group might want to check back in with the Toolkit frequently to see the changes and new material that are included based upon feedback or suggestions.





Assessment Tools

Appropriation & Aggression

White Privilege

White Supremacy

Slave Owners Are in Your Pocket

Public Displays

Performance Art


Freedom and Justice Crier

Activist Resources

Dear White People

Being Allies

James, Rachel, Dragon


Three Candles

Spiritual Foundations