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Walking the  Heart Maze

Walking the Heart Maze

in Prayer for Racial Justice John Lewis said: "You are the Light. Never let anyone - any person or any force - dampen, dim or diminish your light. Study the path of others to make your way easier and more abundant. Lean toward the whispers of your own heart, discover...

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In the morning, you won’t find me here: A meditation in Blackness

In the morning, you won’t find me here: A meditation in Blackness

I am a black man.
I was planted in deep, loamy, black soil by my black father.
Cradled, cultured and coaxed out like a tuber of yam by my black mother.
Though I came from one womb, I am birthed by many mothers – some of skin like bark and timber, some of eyes of yellow like cassava.
I have a scandalous affinity with shadows in this here regime of light.

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Racism Addiction

Racism Addiction

Fundamentally, racism is a spiritual disease akin to an addiction.
Addressing it is a matter of spiritual development as well as the other elements in this Toolkit. Our goal needs to be to allow Spirit to move freely within and between us all which is impossible if all the permutations of racism, from white supremacy to an unjust “justice” system, white hoarding of leadership and resources, etc., remain intact. See links to a 12 Step program and web-site devoted to Racists Anonymous.

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An Acknowledgement

An Acknowledgement

No spiritual people with a devotion to the work of justice will want to be seen as in favor of racism. Therefore: We acknowledge these aspects and commit to take specific actions. Who better? — WE can do better. That of God within connected each of us soul to soul. Unexamined oppression keeps us apart, interrupts our union, our integration with each other and with our Creator. Diversity is the Divine. Nurture the Light within. Love is the song.

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An Open Letter to Mary Daly by Audre Lorde

An Open Letter to Mary Daly by Audre Lorde

An Open Letter to Mary Daly by Audre Lorde
“The following letter was written to Mary Daly, on May 6, 1979. Four months later, having received no reply, I open it to the community of women.” —Audre Lorde … “So I wondered, why doesn’t Mary deal with Afrekete as an example? Why are her goddess-images only white, western-european, judeo-christian? Where was afrekete, Yemaya, Oyo and Mawulisa? “

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An Open Letter to Spiritual White Folks

An Open Letter to Spiritual White Folks

There is a lurking problem happening within ‘spiritual’ thought and dialogue. Many people who view themselves as healers, “starseeds,” or spiritual teachers, are doing something dangerous: — spreading violence and aggression under the guise of love and light. … But racism is tricky. Racism is not a simple matter of “being racist” or “’not being racist.” It is a complex, endemic, historical issue that lives within our collective psyche.

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God’s Call for Racial Justice — From Discernment to Bold Action: The Biblical Role of Fear and Courage

God’s Call for Racial Justice — From Discernment to Bold Action: The Biblical Role of Fear and Courage

“At the first conference on religion and race, the main participants were Pharaoh and Moses… The outcome of that summit meeting has not come to an end. Pharaoh is not ready to capitulate. The exodus began, but is far from having been completed” Rabbi Heschel. For Moses, like for many of us,  the thought of walking the path of racial justice seemed scary. Fear was part of the process.

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What if reading this is the catalyst
to wake you to your potential
latent responsibility as the One?
to hatch or birth a new way of being
Our soul’s purpose
bringing Peace
beauty, joy, the Word
no racism, no power over, no “other”
To engage each other only in Love and Respect
Today, here and now

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Spiritual Ground

Spiritual Ground

Litany for Moral Monday National Day of Fasting and Focus
From the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

We see the violence of injustice.
We see the violence of racism against black people, Latinos, First Nations and people of color.
We know this violence is a threat to all humanity and this yet-to-be perfect union.
We hear the cries of the poor and low wealth in a land of abundance.
Hear the call of God:

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Queries, a practice in the Society of Friends,  refers to  series of questions used for reflection and in spiritual evolution. 

“Queries are questions that guide personal and group reflection on how our lives and actions are shaped by Love and Truth. The emphasis is on how to live a life more completely aligned with the life of the spirit.

Quakers often find Queries a powerful spiritual discipline. Returning again and again to the same prompt for deep reflection can set the stage for new understandings, changes of heart, and a rising sense of loving action that needs to be taken. If you can answer a Query with a “yes” or “no,” try to grapple a bit more adding “why,” “how,” and “when” to the original query.” (from FGC : “A word about Quaker Queries”)

  • How do we change to fully manifest the pure Light and answer that of G-d in everyone?
  • What is white privilege?
  • What were the times, places, situations where we had privilege?
  • How does it manifest inside each person without color and what can we do about it?
  • What are its spiritual ramifications?
  • Where does it come from and why?
  • When and how does it show itself in the wider culture?
  • What does “a color blind society” imply within this context?
  • How does it hurt those of us without color?
  • Why and what does understanding white privilege threaten?
  • What is the down side of this understanding and how do we cope with this
  • When did you interrupted racism, what happened?
  • When did you see racism and not respond? Why? how did you feel?
  • Could Friends adopt a Testimony for Racial Justice with the same conviction and commitment that we accept and profess the Peace Testimony
  • Considering that many of our Quaker institutions were originally supported from funds gained through the slave trade (e.g. Moses Brown School) what might Quaker reparations toward African –Americans look like?
  • Considering that we are ALL living on land that was originally stolen from Indians/Native Americans, what might Quaker reparations toward them look like?
  • How can we figure out how we might be acting in unconsciously racist ways and then educate ourselves about what we might do about it
  • How can we identify institutional racism/white privilege within our meeting, town governments, places of employment, local businesses, etc., and how might we begin to address that racism/white privilege?
  • What are its spiritual consequences?
  • How does racism affect white faith based people?
  • To what extent do white people benefit from their color?
  • To what extent have white faith based people involved themselves intimately in communities of color?
  • Do you read black periodicals (e.g. Essence/ Emerge/ Ebony)? If not, why not?
  • What are the important resources that the Quaker community has to offer blacks and other people of color?
  • What does “justice” mean to Friends?
  • How does our Meeting respond to the need for justice?
  • If we disregard justice, what impact does it have on our spiritual lives and on our connection with the Divine?
  • What is the relationship between love and justice? Between living in the spirit and seeking justice?
  • If compassion is love in action, what is justice in action?
  • How does oppression dehumanize and dim the Light, both in oppressor and oppressed?
  • How do we exercise our respect for balance?
  • Do you uphold the right of all persons to justice and human dignity?
  • Do we regard our time, talents, energy, money, material possessions and other resources as gifts from God, to be held in trust and shared according to the Light we are given?
  • How do we avoid misusing people and the world’s resources with care and consideration for future generations and with respect for all life?
  • In what other ways do we carry out our commitment to stewardship?
  • Do you revere all life and the splendor of God’s continuing creation?
    Do you regard your possessions as given to you in trust, and do you part with them freely to meet the needs of others?
    Are you frugal in your personal life and committed to the just distribution of the world’s resources?
    Do you endeavor to create political, social, and economic institutions which will sustain and enrich the life of all?
— who we are and where we came from

This web-site is produced by Eden which is an arts organization best know for its jewelry and pottery design and production but also includes other ways that art unfolds, from gardens to graphics, from creating beauty with brush work and ballpein hammers to building a better world. It was begun by Eve and John Carey and carried forward by their daughter Rachel who produced this web-site. Their primary career was as art teachers. John said:

Life should be a search for Truth and Beauty, all else is mere existence.

He passed away peacefully in his sleep Friday, May 4. He was 91. He was a tall man in more ways than his 6’6” frame. He embraced life with great exuberance, charm, a quick wit and a quirky awkwardness. Best known for designing the Cape Cod Screwball bracelet he wrote the following:

Designing is the act of arranging things to create an effect, therefore YOU are a designer every time you make a decision about the way you assemble materials; around you or about you.

For 35 years, Mr. Carey taught at St. Mark’s School in Southboro MA. Generations of St. Markers will always remember that joy, and Mr. Carey’s positive, nurturing approach to life and its lessons.

The search for a good life —
The successful search for the subtleties of pleasurable experience is not easy — like trying to catch a falling leaf”

(Each Autumn day on his walk to school he would catch a falling leaf and instead of the usual handkerchief put the leaf in his jacket pocket.)

Before he died John said:

faith in past, courage in present
faith in future
and do not sit out the dance”





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