Beloved Community — Building Coalitions

Instead of donating to Tools4RacialJustice, please consider supporting any of these or other organizations working toward racial Justice to build beloved community.

No one can build a beloved community alone. By definition we need other people to be part of the creative evolution of the world we dream about. Below are some organizations that could be good places to consider supporting. Each had different strengths and expertise. It is like building a house, there are framers, and cabinet makers, carpenters and drywall installer, painters and plumbers.  Some of these sites are facilitating the work of trainers (maybe like building a community of trainers) who in turn will choose their own ways of developing the skills of people working toward racial equity is a strategy for building community, building the Beloved Community.

The below images are from a 40 foot mural The Towns of Dennis by Rachel Carey-Harper in the Dennisport MA post office. 1st beach in West Dennis, 2nd West Dennis Lighthouse, 3rd is Sesuit Harbor in East Dennis, 4th Scargo Lake in Dennis, 5th Bass River in South Dennis, 6th Swan Riven Dennisport and 7th library in South Dennis.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter Global Network is a chapter-based, member-led organization whose mission is to build local power and to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities. We affirm the lives of Black, disabled, undocumented, folks with records, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. The call for Black lives to matter is a rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation.

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Color Of Change

Color Of Change

Color Of Change helps people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. Color of Change leads campaigns that build real power for Black communities. We challenge injustice, hold corporate and political leaders accountable, commission game-changing research on systems of inequality, and advance solutions for racial justice that can transform our world.

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Poor People’s Campaign

Poor People’s Campaign

Committed to lifting up and deepening the leadership of those most affected by systemic racism, poverty, and ecological devastation we build unity across lines of division. We believe in the dismantling of unjust criminalization systems that exploit poor communities and communities of color transforming into a “Peace Economy” that values all humanity.

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Racial Equity Tools

Racial Equity Tools

Racial Equity Tools is designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity. This site offers tools, research, tips, curricula and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working toward justice at every level – for use by educators & trainers to develop skills of those working toward racial equity.

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Justice is Global

Justice is Global

Justice is Global is a grassroots movement challenging rising ethno-nationalism around the world. Ethno-nationalist politics have a long history of defining national identity and citizenship through racist exclusion, xenophobia, and violence.

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Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training

Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training

The Mission of Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training is to dismantle systemic racism and build antiracist multicultural diversity within institutions and communities implemented primarily by training institutional transformation teams. The work of Crossroads is based upon a systemic analysis of racism and its individual, institutional and cultural manifestations

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ERASE Racism

ERASE Racism

ERASE Racism is a regional organization that leads public policy advocacy campaigns and related initiatives to promote racial equity in areas such as housing, public school education, and community development. Mission: To expose forms of racial discrimination, advocate for laws and policies that eliminate racial disparities, increase understanding of how structural racism impacts our communities.

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The SpiritHouse Project

The SpiritHouse Project

The SpiritHouse Project is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization that uses the arts, research, education, action, and spirituality to bring diverse peoples together to work for racial, economic, and social justice, as well as for spiritual maturity.

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Other Organizations to Consider

A wonderful list of organizations is available at this link from the Poor Peoples Campaign.  Other sites you might like to consider supporting are listed below.

Race Forward, founded in 1981, brings systemic analysis and an innovative approach to complex race issues to help people take effective action toward racial equity. Founded in 2002, CSI catalyzes community, government, and other institutions to dismantle structural racial inequity and create equitable outcomes for all.
The new Race Forward is home to the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), a national network of local government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all. Race Forward publishes the daily news site Colorlines and presents Facing Race, the country’s largest multiracial conference on racial justice.
Race Forward catalyzes movement building for racial justice. In partnership with communities, organizations, and sectors, we build strategies to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture.
Race Forward imagines a just, multiracial, democratic society, free from oppression and exploitation, in which people of color thrive with power and purpose.
Fundamentally, Race Forward’s work to advance racial justice is embedded in the following core values:
• People of Color: We value the voices, experiences, cultures, intellect and multi-dimensionality of people of color.
• Justice: We value fairness, the best foundation for unity among all people.
• Transformation: We value the ability of individuals and systems to change in ways that make racial justice possible. We recognize the importance of struggle in fueling transformation.
• Bridging: We value the insights, relationships and holistic understandings that are deepened when divergent paths come together.
• Expression: We value voicing and sharing our viewpoints with integrity even when difficult, unpopular or risky.
• Adaptability: We value relevance and resourcefulness in the face of changing social, economic, political and ideological environments.
• Delight: We value making space for laughter, beauty, and joy in the work of social change.
Practice: Race Forward Practice supports advocacy and action on complex racial justice issues in several ways. Our work includes mobilization, skill-building, leadership development, organization- and alliance-building, issue-framing, messaging, and advancing solutions.

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB) focuses on understanding what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone.
The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB), is a national and international collective of anti-racist, multicultural community organizers and educators dedicated to building an effective movement for social transformation.
he People’s Institute believes that racism is the primary barrier preventing communities from building effective coalitions and overcoming institutionalized oppression and inequities. Through Undoing Racism®/Community Organizing Workshops, technical assistance and consultations, The People’s Institute helps individuals, communities, organizations and institutions move beyond addressing the symptoms of racism to undoing the causes of racism so as to create a more just and equitable society.
Our workshops utilize a systemic approach that emphasizes learning from history, developing leadership, maintaining accountability to communities, creating networks, undoing internalized racial oppression and understanding the role of organizational gate keeping as a mechanism for perpetuating racism.

(White Antiracist Community Action Network)
Our mission is to build an equitable society in the United States by decentering white culture and centering an anti-racist multiracial culture free of white supremacy.
When you understand white American culture, you are better able to:
1. understand race in the United States
2. work effectively to create just and equitable organizations

Our Mission
Community Change Inc. promotes racial justice and equity by challenging systemic racism and acting as a catalyst for anti-racist learning and action.

Since 1968, Community Change Inc. has served as a community for white people and their multiracial allies to come together to learn about systemic racism and to fight against it. To dismantle the oppressive ties of whiteness that threatens both white and non-white humanity. Our programming has always had a learning component because learning is central to our core work.
In recent years though, as talk of white privilege and  institutionalized racism has become increasingly mainstream. It is clear that CCI’s role has needed to shift as a new generation of anti racist activists are coming into their own especially in the era of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Recognizing that new technologies allow for anti-racist learning to occur in far more locations than our traditional programming has been able to reach, CCI is moving into the role of a legacy organization supporting the work of emerging white anti-racist activists and groups organizing within the greater Boston area.
Founded in 2002, CSI’s mission is to catalyze community, government, and other institutions to dismantle structural racial inequity and create equitable outcomes for all. We craft and apply strategies and tools to transform our nation’s policies, practices, and institutions, in order to achieve racial equity.
At Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), we believe that a truly inclusive democracy is achieved when everyone can participate in the creation and sustenance of solutions that promote equity and fairness. To get there, we must recognize how structural racial inequity has excluded communities of color from being full participants in our society. We must also recognize, as a growing body of research shows, that policies and practices that explicitly address the needs of communities of color will build a vibrant, opportunity-rich society that improves the well-being of us all.
Policy & Research
Working with community groups, government, and national organizations to develop policies that advance racial equity.
Talking About Race
Developing and sharing tools to talk about race and shift the dominant narrative.
Capacity Building
Building leadership capacity through multi-racial coalition building, convenings, leadership development, and trainings.
Institutional Change
Developing and implementing institutional change strategies to operationalize structural racial equity.
Eliminating Racism and Claiming/Celebrating Equality, MI
ERACCE exists to eliminate structural racism and create a network of equitable Antiracist institutions and communities.
• The work of ERACCE is based upon a systemic analysis of racism and its individual, institutional, and cultural manifestations;
• ERACCE seeks to be accountable in its work to those who share a common analysis of racism, and especially to communities of color;
• ERACCE understands its antiracism work to be part of a national and global movement for racial justice and social equity;
• ERACCE recognizes that resistance to racism also requires resistance to all other forms of social inequity and oppression.
The ANTIRACISTALLIANCE is a movement for racial equity. We are an organizing collective of human service practitioners and educators whose vision is to bring a clear and deliberate anti-racist structural power analysis to social service education and practice….
We work to undo structural racism from a common understanding as presented by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond in the Undoing Racism Workshop. The People’s Institute is recognized as one of the foremost anti-racism training and organizing institutions in the nation. It moves beyond a focus on the symptoms of racism to an understanding of what racism is, where it comes from, how it functions, why it persists and how it can be undone. In the New York region, The People’s Institute organizes not only with social work educators and human service providers but with school teachers, parents and youth, health care providers, criminal justice advocates, and the faith community….
We recognize that structural inequalities in society result in differential access to and distribution of power (economic, political, social, and cultural) for groups of people. We believe that the elimination of structural inequalities, the establishment of policies to ensure equity and accountability to people of color defines antiracist social work practice.

This website is designed for individuals, educators, activists and trainers who are interested in participating a national movement for racial justice. . This is a curriculum designed to create change! By entering the curriculum you will begin a journey into understanding the consequences of structural racism for people of color, what it means to be antiracist in America.





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