‘The Invention of Race’: Documentary Explores How the Concept of Race Developed

by MPR News |June 2021
Tuesday marks the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Mobs of white residents, many of them deputized and given weapons by city officials, attacked Black residents and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has been called the single worst incident of racial violence in American history. Racial incidents make headlines year after year in the United States. We are a society made up of all the races and ethnicities on the planet, and we have a painful history of exploitation and oppression tied to race. What we don’t often consider is where the idea of different races came from. God? Nature? Or was it man-made? — and if so, why? “The Invention of Race,” a documentary produced and hosted by John Biewen, explores how these concepts developed from the ancient world to today. …
One history professor says the invention of race came later, tracing it back to a surge of African slaves being brought to Europe in the 1600s.
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James Forbes’ Ode to Juneteenth Calls on Americans to Embrace the Promise of Freedom

by Yonat Shimron | June 2021
The retired pastor’s spoken word is not simply a paean to freedom. It’s a call to all Americans to face the reality of the nation’s history and the unfinished work of Juneteenth. Forbes’ spoken word is not simply a paean to freedom. It’s a call to all Americans to face the reality of the nation’s history and the unfinished work of Juneteenth. “I felt, as a preacher, that this day, in a curious way, has a power not even present in the Fourth of July,” Forbes said. “The Fourth of July set people free from the British Crown. But Juneteenth set people free from the divisions, the dehumanization, the cruelty and bondage of slavery itself.” Recently, he shared his spoken word with another North Carolina religious leader, the Rev. William J. Barber II. Barber liked it so much he had Forbes deliver it on camera. It’s now posted to his Repairers of the Breach YouTube channel.
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A Real Live ‘Karen’ Attacked Me for My Article About White Rage; It was a Special Moment for I was Beginning to Think They Didn’t Really Exist!

by B Kean | July 2021
All this white and racist BS is all in your head, the murder of blacks is mainly by blacks against themselves! So Stfu you are an evil Democrat trying to destroy America (Karen N Post)!!! The white-mob-morality police had spoken. How dare I, a white man, question their resentment, their victimhood? The Karens are out there and many of you have had run-ins. Having never been “Karen’d,” I would watch in awe as others were verbally abused by the usually middle-aged women losing it over things that really had nothing to do with them. Karens get especially angry with Black people. They have a tremendous amount of resentment impacted inside of them that I am sure not even two or three colonics could dislodge. Recently, I wrote an article entitled I Have White Rage. Let me tell you, it brought out the racist cockroaches, alright. It even brought to my proverbial doorstep that very angry, and I don’t doubt, unstable, Karen whose post is up above here.
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The Reasons Teachers Are Punished for Saying Black Lives Matter; Multiple Teachers in the United States Have Been Punished for Acknowledging the Existence of Systemic Racism in Their Classrooms.

by Emma Ockerman | June 2021
Over the past year, a number of teachers in the United States have been punished for daring to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism in a country with a legacy of enslaving, segregating, and disproportionately jailing Black people. From Florida to Massachusetts to Texas, educators have reportedly faced retaliation such as reassignment, backlash from parents, and even administrative leave over actions like refusing to take down a Black Lives Matter flag and telling students that “many cops are racist.”
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Offensive Mascots Take Toll on Indigenous Athletes; Natalie Weeks-O’Neal Hasn’t Forgotten the Attacks She Faced on the Basketball Court from Fans

by Jaden Urban | July 2021
…But on that day in the 1990s, Williams asked Weeks if she could have a private moment with her. Once they were alone, the coach warned her that the team they were about to play had a racially based mascot, the Indians. Williams knew Weeks’ heritage and culture and wanted to let her know before the game, so she wouldn’t be surprised. “Hey, when we go in there, this is something you might potentially see,” Williams told her. “I just want to talk to you about this, warn you, and get you mentally prepared. There are some things you’re going to have to block out.”
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EPA Just Detailed All the Ways Climate Change Will Hit U.S. Racial Minorities the Hardest. It’s A Long List. If the Planet Warms 2 Degrees Celsius, New Report Warns, Black People Are 40 Percent More Likely than Other Groups to Live in Places Where Extreme Temperatures Will Cause More Deaths.

by Darryl Fears and Dino Grandoni | September 2021
Racial minorities in the United States will bear a disproportionate burden of the negative health and environmental impacts from a warming planet, the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday, including more deaths from extreme heat and property loss from flooding in the wake of sea level rise.
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