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Activist Resources

In this section are a variety of brochures, pamphlets, book lists, video recommendation and workbooks that you can use either as a group or as individuals or actions you can take that can move people’s awareness and understanding forward. Please note resources specific to Indigenous people (Native Americans) can be found in the Journey for Healing section)

Annotated Bibliographies (Books and Video)

Video Links

Video Links

We will be adding more links all the time so check back often. To add some that you have found interesting send to us including a brief description. And, of course, let us know if any no longer are available.

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Book list

Book list

These books are listed in no particular order. Check them out as you feel lead. We are adding more all the time; to add others that you have found interesting send to us including a brief description. And, of course, let us know if any no longer are relevant.

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Racists in Recovery Anonymous Booklet

Click image to view/download “Racists in Recovery Anonymous” booklet.

Neighborhood Safety and Stereotype

The following Neighborhood Safety and Stereotype could be very useful to distribute in a wide variety of settings.

Click image to view/download full brochure

Dragon Panel Project

The Dragon Panel Project is one such action.

The purpose of the original Dragon Panel Project is to bear witness to violence against people of color. It is similar to the Clothesline Project which was also created by Rachel Carey-Harper to bring awareness to violence against women.  The Dragon  Panel Project grew out of a “Vigil for Victims of Hate Crimes: Holding in the Light Those who Suffer Vicious Human Rights Violations” initiated by James Varner at New England Yearly Meeting in 2013. For that event, Rachel creating two panels on black foam core that named Trayvon Martin and James Bird. The following year she added a panel for Michael Brown. 

Soon after this, Rachel created a dragon by adding more panels, a dragon head and tail, and the Dragon Panel Project was born.

The Dragon continued to grow and in 2018  inspiration came to Rachel to design a companion piece to celebrate “ordinary” people of color who’ve done extraordinary things and the Dragon of Many Colors was created.

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Other Assorted Resources

Facing Racism in a Diverse Nation

Facing Racism in a Diverse Nation

A six-session discussion guide to help all kinds of people take part in meaningful dialogue to examine gaps among racial and ethnic groups and create institutional and policy change.” This guide presents a lot of useful information and is full of helpful ways of...

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Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

Talking, just having an open ended conversation can be a useful strategy. Simply print out the above image and put it on a table during a group meal time.
“Lets Talk” is a PDF resource created by Teaching Tolerance that shares with educators strategies to facilitate difficult conversations about race and racism.

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Freedom and Justice Crier

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