…But I’m Not Racist, Right?

by Kathy Obear |

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Excerpt from the article…

I remember when one of my deepest fears as a white person was to be called racist! Today, I don’t label people as racist, but instead focus on naming and interrupting racist behaviors and attitudes. When people are called racist they almost always shut down, get defensive, or fight back: none of these reactions generally leads to increased awareness and behavior change.

I find it far more effective to invite people to honestly assess which, if any, of the following types of racist attitudes and behaviors they have ever thought or done. Over my lifetime, I have done them all and if I go unconscious, I can replicate racist dynamics today in a split second.

I challenge you to choose courage in this confidential quiz as you reflect on each of the following items and use the following scale to rate how often you have thought or done them:

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Quiz by Dr. Kathy Obear and the Center for Transformation and Change





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