Dragon Panel Project

The purpose of the Dragon Panel Project is to bear witness to violence against people of color, to visibly connect the incidents (it’s so easy for people to think it was just one unfortunate circumstance); and to honor and memorialize those in the last 20 years who have lost their lives because of racism. When George Floyd was killed, or Freddie Gray or Michael Brown there is intense, widespread outrage and mass protests but then things die down until the next murder. The Dragon Panel Project connects these isolated events, touches people’s hearts and brings awareness that it is part of a system.

The Dragon  Panel Project grew out of a “Vigil for Victims of Hate Crimes: Holding in the Light Those who Suffer Vicious Human Rights Violations” initiated by James Varner at New England Yearly Meeting in 2013 and sponsored by Barnstable Friends Meeting. For that event, Rachel creating two panels on black foam core that named Trayvon Martin and James Bird. The following year she added a panel for Michael Brown.

Soon after this Rachel created a dragon by adding more panels, a dragon head and tail and the Dragon Panel Project was birthed.

Do you feel it important to remember the continuing violence against people of color?

Do you want to honor a person of color killed with race as a likely factor, who touched your heart?

~Make a black and white panel for them!

(FYI, when making our panels we intentionally try not to focus on how they were killed or the murderer/s. Rather we give attention to how the individual lived,  their life, so full of potential, that was snuffed out. We also connect one victim to the other by listing the locations as “From ___ To ___”)


Do you want to honor a person of color who is not well known and who did
something amazing?

The Dragon of Many Colors is for you!

~Make a multi-colored panel for them!

Anyone can do a Project!
All you need are foam core panels, and a
little imagination. There is no “right” or “wrong”
way — follow your light. Make it your own!

~Make a head and tail, attach them all together with “velcro”, TA – DA!
Dragons can be displayed almost anywhere

join with others, let us know

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